Nutrient Advisors is a pioneer in these service areas and has established itself as the elite compliance record keeping and manure management service across the Midwest.  Nutrient Advisors services are set apart because our focus is your bottom line.  Compliance is imperative but we take your operation to a higher level when we use the same data, compiled for compliance,  to help you make more profitable business decisions.


​Nutrient Advisors was founded in 2005 when record keeping requirements for federally permitted livestock operations were elevated to the point that many producers no longer had the time or expertise to meet all of the requirements. The founders of Nutrient Advisors found that their agronomy clients who had livestock were turning to them to take care of their compliance records. Thus, the beginning Nutrient Advisors and it’s services. 

Our focus has always been compliance combined with the maximized utilization and value of nutrients. This focus has set our company apart and has provided opportunities to serve industries outside of agriculture that are producing similar valuable nutrients. We have developed excellent relationships with our clients as well as regulatory agencies, custom applicators, and other consultants that bring value to our clients. Nutrient Advisors has grown to serve multiple industries across the Midwest.​

​Nutrient Advisors offers consulting services in the area of Environmental Compliance and Manure – Nutrient Management.  Our home office is located in West Point, Nebraska in the heart of beef country.  Nutrient Advisors is filling the industries need to accurately manage records in a user friendly format and utilize nutrients produced by livestock operations, municipalities, and other industries as effectively as possible.  With a clear understanding of regulations and an agronomic background, Nutrient Advisors offers a multitude of services to various industries: